DuDe 1.0 API

de.hpi.fgis.dude The base package of the DuDe tool implementation.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.algorithm Contains all algorithm implementations (and interfaces) that are supported by DuDe.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.algorithm.duplicatedetection Contains all Duplicate-Detection algorithm implementations.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.algorithm.recordlinkage Contains all Record-Linkage algorithm implementations.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.database Provides all classes that encapsulate the database abstraction layer.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.database.adapter Provides the concrete implementations for the different database types like MySQL or DB2.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.database.util Provides all classes that are needed for encapsulating the database schema within the database abstraction layer.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.datasource Contains all DataSources supported by DuDe.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.exceptions Contains all exceptions used within DuDe.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.exec Contains runnable test classes.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.exec.duplicatedetection Contains runnable test classes dealing with AbstractDuplicateDetection implementations.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.exec.recordlinkage Contains runnable test classes dealing with AbstractRecordLinkage implementations.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.merger Contains classes related to record merging.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.output Provides all interfaces and classes that can be used for printing results.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.output.statisticoutput Contains all classes that can be used for printing statistics of a run that are provided by the StatisticComponent.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.postprocessor Provides all interfaces and classes dealing with the filtering of duplicate lists.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.preprocessor Preprocessor is a component for manipulating DuDeObjects and gathering statistics while extracting the data.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction Contains all interfaces and classes for comparing DuDeObjectPairs.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.aggregators Contains aggregators for SimilarityFunctions.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.contentbased Contains all resources that belong to the content-based SimilarityFunction component.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.contentbased.impl Contains SimilarityFunction implementations that compare attribute values of DuDeObjects.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.contentbased.impl.simmetrics Contains content-based SimilarityFunction implementations that use the Simmetrics library.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.contentbased.util Contains all the utility classes that are used by any ContentBasedSimilarityFunction.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.domainspecific Contains similarity functions for domain specific data, e.g.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.similarityfunction.structurebased Contains SimilarityFunction implementations that compare the structure of DuDeObjects.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util Provides DuDe's utility classes.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.bibtex The BibTeX parser package.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.bibtex.data This is an object model for parsed BibTeX files.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.bibtex.expander The BibTeX expander package contains all classes that are used for extending the functionality of the BibTeX parser.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.bibtex.parser Provides all the classes that are necessary for parsing the a BibTeX file.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.csv Contains all classes necessary for parsing and generating CSV-formatted data.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.data Contains all the classes dealing with the actual data storage (in-memory or file-based).
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.data.json Contains all Json data types.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.data.storage Contains all classes that deal with accessing Json code within files.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.merger Contains classes related to record merging.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.sorting Contains all the classes and interfaces that deal with sorting of data.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.sorting.sorter Contains different implementations of sorting algorithms.
de.hpi.fgis.dude.util.sorting.sortingkey Contains all classes that are needed for creating a sorting key.


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