Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

Nico Steckhan


Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4855

Room: G-2.1.11

Email: nico.steckhan(at)hpi.de

Personal Information

  • since 2018: PostDoc at Charité Integrative Medicine (Prof. Dr. med. A. Michalsen)
  • 2016 - 2019: Bioinformatics, University of Potsdam
    • „Integration of multidimensional data and latent feature identification for predicting complex phenotypes from high-throughput data“
  • 2013 - 2018: PhD, Charité
    • „Non-pharmacological interventions and lifestyle modification in cardiometabolic high-risk patients“
  • 2004 - 2011: Biology (Dipl. biol.) at Technical University of Dresden, Germany
    • „Influence of a Suggestive Placebo Intervention on Psychobiological Responses to Social Stress: A Randomized Controlled Trial.“

Work Experience

  • Max Planck Institute for human cognitive and brain sciences (Leipzig, Germany)
    • Research Group Neurocognition of Music (Prof. Dr. S. Kölsch)
      • Vegetative responses to musical stimuli using an eye-tracking system
  • Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, TU-Dresden, Dresden, Germany
    • Project „Physical factors influencing the cell“ (Prof. Dr. R. Funk)
      • Electromagnetic fields in tissue regeneration

Research Interests

  • Clinical research especially in integrative medicine / lifestyle medicine
    • Fasting therapy / Caloric restriction
    • Nutrition (including Ayurveda)
    • Mind and body therapy (Yoga and Meditation)
  • Bioinformatics
    • Microbiota–gut–brain axis
    • Integrative data analysis and latent feature identification
  • Systems thinking




  • HYPE: Predicting Blood Pr... - Download
    HYPE: Predicting Blood Pressure from Photoplethysmograms in a Hypertensive Population.Morassi Sasso, Ariane; Datta, Suparno; Jeitler, Michael; Steckhan, Nico; Kessler, Christian S.; Michalsen, Andreas; Arnrich, Bert; Böttinger, Erwin M. Michalowski, Moskovitch, R. (eds.) (2020). (Vol. 12299)
  • Federated Learning in a M... - Download
    Federated Learning in a Medical Context: A Systematic Literature Review.Pfitzner, Bjarne; Steckhan, Nico; Arnrich, Bert in ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT) Special Issue on Security and Privacy of Medical Data for Smart Healthcare (2020).
  • Self-prediction of seizur... - Download
    Self-prediction of seizures in drug resistance epilepsy using digital phenotyping: a concept study.Moontaha, Sidratul; Steckhan, Nico; Kappattanavar, Arpita; Surges, Rainer; Arnrich, Bert (2020). (Vol. 14)


  • Unobtrusive Measurement o... - Download
    Unobtrusive Measurement of Blood Pressure During Lifestyle Interventions.Morassi Sasso, Ariane; Datta, Suparno; Pfitzner, Bjarne; Zhou, Lin; Steckhan, Nico; Boettinger, Erwin; Arnrich, Bert (2019).
  • Integrative Network Analysis Of Microbiome-Immune Axis In Metabolic Syndrome Patients During A Fasting Intervention.Avery, Ellen G; Balogh, András; Bartolomaeus, Hendrik; Löber, Ulrike; Steckhan, Nico; Markó, Lajos; Wilck, Nicola; Hamad, Ibrahim; Šušnjar, Urša; Mähler, Anja; Hohmann, Christoph; Lesker, Till R; Strowig, Till; Dechend, Ralf; Bzdok, Danilo; Kleinewietfeld, Markus; Andreas, Michalsen; Müller, Dominik N; Forslund, Sofia K in Hypertension (2019). 74(Suppl_1)
  • Digital Transformation of... - Download
    Digital Transformation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Accepted Presubmission).Steckhan, Nico; Arnrich, Bert in Complementary Medicine Research (2019).