Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

Digital Phenotyping for and Beyond Clinical Trials

Still medical sampling has a snapshot approach lacking the dynamical behaviour of a person’s physiology. Sensor technologies are able to provide metrics by means of active (prompted) or passive (unnoticed) measurements, offering considerable flexibility in approach. Those high-frequency longitudinal data sets can then be used for prevention or characterization of a disease [1]. We address those time dependent features using monitoring of vital signs pre-, peri- and post- intervention. In various studies together with the department of integrative natural medicine (Charité) [2], German Institut of Nutrition (DIfE), Max Delbrück Centre for Biomedical Research (MDC, BIH) and Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine we approach to better understand human phenotypes.  

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[2] Steckhan, Nico; Arnrich B. Quantified Complementary and Alternative Medicine : Convergence of Digital Health Technologies and Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Complement Med Res. 2020;8–10.