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Dr. Matthias Trapp


Tel.: +49-(0)331 5509-3913
Fax: +49-(0)331 5509-172
Email: matthias.trapp(at)hpi.de

Research Interests

I'm a senior researcher, principle investigator and lecturer. My research interests include the following topics:

  • GPU-based image and video processing techniques and frameworks 
  • Interactive GPU-based rendering techniques for massive spatio-temporal data
  • Focus+context visualization techniques for 3D virtual environments
  • Web-based visualization for mobility analytics
  • Interactive software maps

We also offer topics for master theses

Current Research Projects

  • Twin4Road: Infrastrukturdatenbark für den Straßenraum und Straßenzustandsbewertung durch KI-Auswertung von 3D-Punktwolken, Bild- und Bodenradardaten (BMDV)
  • KnowhowAnalyzer: AI-based extraction and analysis methods for IT know-how of software development teams (BMBF)

Past Research Projects

  • REPO-LI: Automated Report Generation for Location Intelligence Applications
  • mdViPro: Multi-dimensional Videoprocessing
  • PunctumTube: Analytics Platform for Digital Twins based on 3D Point Clouds
  • Automatic Video Abstraction 
  • Service-based Mobility Analytics
  • Research Group 4DnD-Vis 
  • Business Intelligence Maps
  • 3D Geoinformation
  • Interactive 3D Visualization of Roman Cologne
  • DigiPolis
  • Virtual Rendering System


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Teaching Activities

Courses at HPI (Responsible for lecturing and grading) 

  • Winter 2020/2021 (B): User Interface Programming
  • Winter 2019/2020 (M): Visual Media Data Processing  
  • Winter 2018/2019 (B): User Interface Programming
  • Winter 2017/2018 (B): Computer Graphics I
  • Summer 2017 (M): Image & Video Processing Techniques
  • Summer 2015 (M): Introduction to Visualization
  • Winter 2014/2015 (B): Computer Graphics II
  • Winter 2013/2014 (B): Computer Graphics II
  • Summer 2013 (M): Geovisualization

Courses at HPI (Responsible for lecturing and tutoring)  

  • Summer 2012 (B): Computer Graphics I
  • Winter 2011/2012 (B): Computer Graphics II
  • Summer 2010 (B): Programming of 3D Applications
  • Winter 2009/2010 (M): Geovisualization II
  • Summer 2009 (M): Geovisualization I 
  • Summer 2008 (M): Rendering Techniques

Courses at University of Potsdam (Responsible for lecturing and tutoring)  

  • Winter 2002/2003: Operating Systems II
  • Summer 2002: Operating Systems I

Seminars at HPI (Responsible for lecturing, tutoring, and grading)

  • Summer 2021 (M): Avanced Techniques for Image and Video Analysis
  • Summer 2021 (B): Web Technologies for Visual Media Processing
  • Winter 2020/2021 (M): Interactive Techniques for Visual Media Analysis and Processing
  • Winter 2020/2021 (B): Introduction to Visual Media Processing
  • Summer 2020 (M): Techniques for Image and Video Analysis
  • Summer 2020 (B): Processing Techniques for Visual Media
  • Winter 2019/2020 (M): Advanced Visual Media Enhacement
  • Winter 2019/2020 (B): Visual Media Enhacement
  • Summer 2019 (M): Visual Media Processing
  • Summer 2019 (B): Introduction to Visual Media Processing
  • Summer 2018 (M): Selected Topics in Video & Image Analytics
  • Winter 2017/2018 (M): Video Abstraction Techniques
  • Summer 2017 (M): Advanced Information Visualization
  • Winter 2016/2017 (M): Processing and Visualization of 3D Geodata
  • Winter 2016/2017 (B): Bildverarbeitungsalgorithmen
  • Summer 2016 (M): Image Processing - Concepts and Techniques
  • Summer 2016 (M): Methods and Techniques of Geospatial Visualization
  • Summer 2016 (B): Geoinformationstechnologien
  • Winter 2015/2016 (B): Image and Videoprocessing using OpenGL ES for Mobile Devices
  • Summer 2015 (M): Spatial Analytics
  • Winter 2014/2015 (M): Geoinformation Technologies
  • Summer 2014 (M): Information Visualization
  • Winter 2013/2014 (M): Information Visualization
  • Summer 2013 (M): Geovisualization
  • Winter 2012/2013 (M): Concepts and Techniques of 3D-Visualization
  • Summer 2011 (M): Multimedia/Graphics Libraries & Systems
  • Winter 2010/2011 (B): Game Programming
  • Summer 2010 (M): Information and Geovisualization
  • Winter 2009/2010 (B): Game Programming
  • Winter 2008/2009 (M): Focus+Context Visualization in 3D Geovirtual Environments
  • Winter 2007/2008 (B): Seminar & Lab Computer graphics Systems/VRS
  • Summer 2007 (B): Seminar & Lab Computer graphics Systems/VRS

Bachelor Students (Co-)Supervision:

  • Services-based Processing and Provisioning of Visual Computing Assets
    Josafat-Mattias Burmeister, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Service-based Out-of-Core Processing and Exploration of Image and Video Data
    Florian Fregien, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Framework for Data Profiling of Image and VCA Metrics
    Fabian Galandi, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • High-level Metrics for Image and Video Analysis
    Alexander Junger, Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Architectural Design and Implementation of a Web-App for Service-based Image and Video Abstraction
    Mino Böckmann, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Real-Time Analytics of Video Streams
    Jakob Mache, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Integration and Deployment of Video Skimming Techniques
    Robert Schröter, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Integration and Deployment of Video Abstraction Techniques
    Ole Wegen, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Integration and Development of Video Storyboard Technique
    Jakob Mache, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Service-based Image and Video Processing Using Neural Networks
    Markus Brand, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Design and Implementation of a File Format for Representation of Video Processing Pipelines
    Erik Brendel, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Integration of Temporal Video Abstraction Techniques on Mobile Devices
    Anastasia Phaedra Goudoulaki-Adamopoulou, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Applications of Service-based Image and Video Processing Interfaces
    Merlin de la Haye, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Design and Implementation of a Documentation Service for Visual Computing Assets
    Ludwig Kitschke, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Assisted Interaction Techniques for Image Editing
    Fabian Pottbäcker, Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • A Framework for Editing and Execution of Image and Video Processing Techniques on Mobile Devices
    Tobias Dürschmid, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • C++ Image and Video Processing Framework for Desktop and Server Systems
    Erik Griese, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • GPU-accelerated Style Transfer on Mobile Devices using Feed-forward Convolutional Neural Networks
    Moritz Hilscher, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • Service-based Integration of Image and Video Processing Operations
    Alexander Riese, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • Design, Implementation and Web-based Provisioning of a Database for Image Processing Operations
    Maximilian Söchting, Bachelor Thesis, 2017
  • Parameterization of Feed-forward Neural Networks for Style Transfer on Mobile Devices
    Hendrik Tjabben, Bachelor Thesis, 2017

Master Student (Co-)Supervision:

  • Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Software Extensions for Interactive Image Manipulation
    Maik Zarnbach, Master Thesis, 2020
  • Design and Implementation of a Service-based Stream-processing Component for Digital Videos
    Florian Wagner, Master Thesis, 2019
  • Design and Implementation of a SOA-based Web Application for Visualization and Interactive Exploration of Mobility Data using Reachability Maps
    Jan Silbersiepe,  Master Thesis, 2018
  • Focus+Context Visualization Techniques for Mobility Analytics
    Marc Listemann, Master Thesis, 2017
  • Network-based Reachability-Map Visualization for Web Applications and Mobile Devices
    Alexander Schoedon, Master Thesis, 2017
  • Design and Implementation of Level-of-Detail Representations for Georeferenced Thematic Data
    Jan Ole Vollmer, Master Thesis, 2016
  • Natural Phenomena as Metaphors for Visualization of Trend Data in Interactive Software Maps
    Hannes Würfel, Master Thesis, 2015
  • A GPU-based  rendering Technique for Interactive Video Deformation
    Benjamin-Heinz Meier, Master Thesis, 2015
  • Interactive Rendering Techniques for Focus+Context Visualization of virtual 3D Indoor Models
    Alessandro Florio, Master Thesis, 2014
  • Concepts and Rendering Techniques for Level-of-Abstraction Transitions of 3D Geovirtual Environments
    Amir Semmo, Master Thesis, 2011
  • Generalization of Street Networks as Strategy to Reduce Cognitive Efforts in Map Reading
    Daryna Bronnykova, Master Thesis, 2011
  • View-dependent Global Deformations, for 3D Geovirtual Environments of Virtual 3D Landscape and City Models
    Sebastian Pasewaldt, Master Thesis, 2010
  • Rendering von generalisierter Tiefenschärfe in interaktiven 3D virtuellen Umgebungen
    Christian Beesk, Master Thesis, 2010
  • Generierung und Parametrisierung von 3D-Gebäudegeometrienin virtuellen 3D-Stadtmodellen
    Mathias Pietsch, Diploma Thesis, 2007

Bachelor's Projects (Co-)Supervision:

  • 2020/2021: Deep Learning for Transforming Visual Media
    David Schlereth, Henok Lachmann, Katherina Hasenlust
  • 2019/2020: Cloud-based Visual Analysis and Processing
    Josafat-Mattias Burmeister, Florian Fregien, Fabian Galandi, Alexander Junger,
  • 2018/2019: Smart Image & Video Abstraction
    Mino Böckmann, Jakob Mache, Robert Schröter, Ole Wegen, Jakob Wischner
  • 2017/2018: Analysis, Compactification, and Stylization of Videos
    Erik Brendel, Markus Brand, Merlin de la Haye, Pheadra Goulouaki, Ludwig Kitschke, Julian Müller, Fabian Pottbäcker
  • 2016/2017: Image-Based and Temporal Video Abstraction
    Tobias Dürschmid, Erik Griese, Moritz Hilscher, Alexander Riese, Maximilian Söchting, Hendrik Tjabben

Master's Projects (Co-)Supervision:

  • Summer 2019: Visual Analytics - Blocking Offensive Contents
    Moritz Hilscher, Hendrik Raetz, Hendrik Tjabben
  • Winter 2015: Deep Learning for Smart Video: Using Mass Knowledge for the Automatic Stylization of Images and Videos
    Anne Gropler, Alexander Lehmann, Leander Neiß, Max Reimann, Jan Ole Vollmer
  • Summer 2015: Smart Video: Automatic video summarization and adaptive parametrization
    Karsten Tausche, Astrid Thomschke, Christian Würz
  • Winter 2014: Service-based Architecture and Infrastructure for Video Processing
    Robin Schreiber, Christoph Sterz, Wieland Hagen, Kirstin Heidler
  • Summer 2014: Video Analysis, Abstraction, and Summarization
    Jaeyoon Jung, Benjamin-Heinz Meier, Lisa Pfisterer
  • Winter 2013: Semantic Analysis und Classification of Digital Image Streams
    Elina Zarisheva, Markus Hinsche, Marcel Pursche, Hannes Würfel, Christoph Oehlke, Maximilian Schneider

PhD Students Mentoring:

  • Sumit Shekhar, Real-time Image and Video Analytics
  • Andreas Fricke, Concept and Techniques for Processing Multidimensional Geospatial Data
  • Willy Scheibel, Understanding Evolution of Hierarchies using Space-restricted Visualizations
  • Vladeta Stojanovic, Interactive Visualization for Building Lifecycle Management using BIM
  • Jan Ole Vollmer, Tools and Techniuqes for Visualization of High-dimensional Data

Professional Activities

Peer-Reviewing Activities for Journals:

Peer-Reviewing Activities for Conferences:

  • Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics (EG): 2012, 2017
  • EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (EuroVis): 2014
  • IEEE Information Visualization (Vis): 2009
  • Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping (SOMAP): 2012
  • ACM International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D): 2014
  • International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG): 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 


Other Activities:

  • Conference Session Chair (Rendering), GRAPP 2009/2015

Conference Talks





  • Integration von Fachinformationen in 3D-Darstellungen, Xinnovations 2011, E-City Forum, September, Berlin/Germany
  • Colonia3D, Kultur und Informatik - Multimediale Systeme, May 2011, Berlin/Germany






Invited Talks

Awards & Miscellaneous

  • Best Paper Award, Web3D 2019 Conference, Classification of Indoor Point Clouds Using Multiviews
  • Best Paper Award, Cyberworlds 2018 Conference, MaeSTrO: A Mobile App for Style Transfer Orchestration using Neural Networks
  • Best Paper Award, Symposium of Mobile Graphics and Applications, SIGGRAPH Asia Conference 2017, ProsumerFX: Mobile Design of Image Stylization Components
  • Cover Image Selection, Proceedings of TPCG 2013
  • Cover Image Selection, International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era, vol. 1, no. 1, 2012.
  • Cover Image Selection, gis.SCIENCE Journal, vol. 25, no. 1, 2012
  • Best Paper Award, EuroMed 2010 Conference, Communication of Digital Cultural Heritage in Public Spaces by the Example of Roman Cologne
  • Best Paper Selection, LBS & Telecartography Conference 2009, Strategies for Visualizing Points-of-Interest of 3D Virtual Environments on Mobile Devices
  • Best Paper Award, AGILE 2008 Conference 2008, Interactive Multi-Perspective Views of Virtual 3D Landscape and City Models
  • Best Paper Selection, GRAPP 2008 Conference, Generalization Approach for 3D Viewing Deformations of Single-Center Projections