Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Completed master's theses at DES




Benchmarking One-Sided Remote Direct Memory AccessesLeo WendtMarcel Weisgut, Tilmann Rabl
Efficiently Joining Large Relations on Multi-GPU Systems with Modern InterconnectsTobias MaltenbergerIlin Tolovski, Tilmann Rabl
Elastic Data Shuffling on Cloud Function MemoryMoritz MannerThomas Bodner, Tilmann Rabl
A Data Generator for Realtime Streaming Analytics BenchmarksOtto KißigLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
Managing Deep Learning Models with Compression AlgorithmsVishal Kumar LohanaNils Strassenburg, Tilmann Rabl
Workload Sharing in Query-Compiling Stream Processing EnginesYannik SchröderLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
A Three-Tier Buffer Manager with CXL-Attached Memory for In-Memory DatabasesNiklas RiekenbrauckMarcel Weisgut, Daniel Lindner, Tilmann Rabl
Single Node Performance for In-situ Serverless Query ProcessingTheo RadigThomas Bodner, Daniel Ritter, Michael Perscheid
Column-Oriented Stream ProcessingBjörn DaaseLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
Network-aware Data Stream AggregationLeon PapkeLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
Designing a CPU-aware Hash Table for Hash JoinsMaximilian BötherLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
Query Compiled Data Format Parsing for Stream Processing EnginesRichard EbelingLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
RMG-Sort: Radix-Partitioning-Based Multi-GPU SortingIvan IlicIlin Tolovski, Tilmann Rabl
Comparing Stream Processing Engines Hardware Intrusiveness for Application in Distributed MonitoringJonas GrunertRafael Moczalla, Tilmann Rabl
Model Management in Distributed EnvironmentsNils StraßenburgIlin Tolovski, Tilmann Rabl
R-Tree Data Placement on Persistent MemoryNils ThammLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
Rethinking Message Brokers on Modern HardwareHendrik MakaitTilmann Rabl
Efficient Distributed In-Network Window AggregationLawrence BensonTilmann Rabl
Run-time configurability of stream processing queries on FPGAsBen-Noah EngelhauptTilmann Rabl


Former Thesis Supervision

Technical University of Berlin

Benchmarking Smart Contracts for Clinical TrialsJudit Ramírez MésonMaster Thesis
Machine learning-based sentiment classification for the Bulgarian languageIskra RachevaBachelor Thesis
R and Python Benchmark - Performance Comparison and Evaluation of Machine Learning ModelsRobertus VincentBachelor Thesis
Runtime Modifications of a Flink JobgraphAdrian BartnikMaster Thesis
Data Generation for Machine Learning BenchmarkingJens MeinersMaster Thesis
Designing a User-Friendly Cost Model for Databases in the CloudMichail Romanov MelnikovMaster Thesis
Online Join View Maintenance with Changelogs on a Stateful Stream ProcessorTimo WaltherMaster Thesis
Extending Materialized Views in Apache CassandraFridtjof SanderMaster Thesis
Implementing TPC-DS for PostgreSQLJürgen BauerBachelor Thesis
Data Generation for Machine Learning BenchmarkingAndres VivancoMaster Thesis
Experimental Comparison of Spark and Flink on the BigBench BenchmarkPhilipp LeeMaster Thesis
Benchmarking Apache Flink and Apache Spark DataFlow Systems on Large-Scale Distributed Machine Learning AlgorithmsAndrea SpinaMaster Thesis
Data-less database systems for large scale testingDiana GonzalesMaster Thesis
Benchmarking Fault-Tolerance in Stream Processing SystemsDiana MatarMaster Thesis
Scalable Text Generation using Generative ModelsUmar MaqsudMaster Thesis

University of Toronto

Optimizing Key-Value Stores For Hybrid Storage Environments                      Prashanth MenonMaster Thesis

University of Passau

Extension of the PDGF Framework for Update Generation                                                                                                Michael FrankMaster Thesis
Implementation of a Data Generator for TPC-DIManuel DanischMaster Thesis
Workload Generation using SplinesChristoph HähnelMaster Thesis
A Flexible GUI for PDGFStephanie RudererBachelor Thesis
The Scalileo FrameworkChristian DellwoBachelor Thesis
The Parallel Data Generation FrameworkMichael FrankBachelor Thesis
Scaling DBMS using ScalileoNiklas SchmidtmerBachelor Thesis
Parallel Random Number GenerationJens VlasakBachelor Thesis
Indoor Location Estimation using OpenMokoJohannes PirklDiploma Thesis
Partitioning in Cluster Database SystemsTimur Abu-GhazalehDiploma Thesis
Considering Updates in Cluster Data AllocationAlexander BernsteinDiploma Thesis
An Adaptable GUI for Product Quality ControlAlexander SalihBachelor Thesis
A Database Benchmark based on an Online E-Learning SystemAndreas LangBachelor Thesis
Estimating Database System ThroughputChristian SchörnichBachelor Thesis
A Column-Store Overlay for Relational DatabasesChristoph HähnelBachelor Thesis
Query Cost EstimationChristopher JahnBachelor Thesis
Periodical Adaptation of Data AllocationMarco SitzbergerDiploma Thesis
A Java 3D Graphics EngineMartin JerglerBachelor Thesis
Programming Project Management using MavenSebastian SchinkingerBachelor Thesis
The Dynamic Fast Send ProtocolThe Tong VangDiploma Thesis
Finding Periods in Database WorkloadsYang ChenDiploma Thesis
A Prototype of a Cluster Database SystemBastian HöschDiploma Thesis
The Fast Send ProtocolChristoph KochDiploma Thesis
Dynamic Allocation in Self-Scaling Cluster DatabasesMarc PfefferDiploma Thesis