Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Completed master's theses at DES




Model Management in Distributed EnvironmentsNils StraßenburgIlin Tolovski, Tilmann Rabl
R-Tree Data Placement on Persistent MemoryNils ThammLawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
Rethinking Message Brokers on Modern HardwareHendrik MakaitTilmann Rabl
Efficient Distributed In-Network Window AggregationLawrence BensonTilmann Rabl


Former Thesis Supervision

Technical University of Berlin

Judit Ramírez Méson - Benchmarking Smart Contracts for Clinical Trials - Master thesis
Iskra Racheva - Machine learning-based sentiment classification for the Bulgarian language - Bachelor thesis
Robertus Vincent - R and Python Benchmark - Performance Comparison and Evaluation of Machine Learning Models - Bachelor thesis
Adrian Bartnik - Runtime Modifications of a Flink Jobgraph - Master thesis
Jens Meiners - Data Generation for Machine Learning Benchmarking - Master thesis
Michail Romanov Melnikov - Designing a User-Friendly Cost Model for Databases in the Cloud - Master thesis
Timo Walther - Online Join View Maintenance with Changelogs on a Stateful Stream Processor - Master thesis
Fridtjof Sander - Extending Materialized Views in Apache Cassandra - Master thesis
Jürgen Bauer - Implementing TPC-DS for PostgreSQL - Bachelor thesis
Andres Vivanco - Data Generation for Machine Learning Benchmarking - Master thesis
Philipp Lee - Experimental Comparison of Spark and Flink on the BigBench Benchmark - Master thesis
Andrea Spina - Benchmarking Apache Flink and Apache Spark DataFlow Systems on Large-Scale Distributed Machine Learning Algorithms - Master thesis
Diana Gonzales - Data-less database systems for large scale testing - Master thesis
Diana Matar - Benchmarking Fault-Tolerance in Stream Processing Systems - Master thesis
Umar Maqsud - Scalable Text Generation using Generative Models - Master thesis

University of Toronto

Prashanth Menon - Optimizing Key-Value Stores For Hybrid Storage Environments - Master thesis

University of Passau

Michael Frank - Extension of the PDGF Framework for Update Generation - Master thesis
Manuel Danisch - Implementation of a Data Generator for TPC-DI - Master thesis
Christoph Hähnel - Workload Generation using Splines - Master thesis
Stephanie Ruderer - A Flexible GUI for PDGF - Bachelor thesis
Christian Dellwo - The Scalileo Framework - Bachelor thesis
Michael Frank - The Parallel Data Generation Framework - Bachelor thesis
Niklas Schmidtmer - Scaling DBMS using Scalileo - Bachelor thesis
Jens Vlasak - Parallel Random Number Generation - Bachelor thesis
Johannes Pirkl - Indoor Location Estimation using OpenMoko - Diploma thesis
Timur Abu-Ghazaleh - Partitioning in Cluster Database Systems - Diploma thesis
Alexander Bernstein - Considering Updates in Cluster Data Allocation - Diploma thesis
Alexander Salih - An Adaptable GUI for Product Quality Control - Bachelor thesis
Andreas Lang - A Database Benchmark based on an Online E-Learning System - Bachelor thesis
Christian Schörnich - Estimating Database System Throughput - Bachelor thesis
Christoph Hähnel - A Column-Store Overlay for Relational Databases - Bachelor thesis
Christopher Jahn - Query Cost Estimation - Bachelor thesis
Marco Sitzberger - Periodical Adaptation of Data Allocation - Diploma thesis
Martin Jergler - A Java 3D Graphics Engine - Bachelor thesis
Sebastian Schinkinger - Programming Project Management using Maven - Bachelor thesis
The Tong Vang - The Dynamic Fast Send Protocol - Diploma thesis
Yang Chen - Finding Periods in Database Workloads - Diploma thesis
Bastian Hösch - A Prototype of a Cluster Database System - Diploma thesis
Christoph Koch - The Fast Send Protocol - Diploma thesis
Marc Pfeffer - Dynamic Allocation in Self-Scaling Cluster Databases - Diploma thesis