Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Summer Term 2022

Hardware-conscious Data Processing (Lecture, Master)

Model Lifecycle Analysis Platform (Master Project)

Joint Database Systems Seminar with TU Darmstadt (Research Seminar)

Winter Term 2021/22

Summer Term 2021

Winter Term 2020/21

  • Big Data Systems (Lecture, Master)
  • Data Management on Modern Storage Technologies (Project Seminar, Master)
  • GPU-Accelerated Data Processing (Project Seminar, Master)
  • Open Source Data Processing (Project Seminar, Master)
  • Distributed Dynamic Stream Processing (Master Project)
  • End-to-end ML System Benchmarking (Bachelor Project)
  • Database Systems Seminar (Research Seminar with the Data Management Lab - TU Darmstadt)

Summer Term 2020

Winter Term 2019/20