Potsdam Conference for National CyberSecurity

April 19-20, 2023

Dr. Markus Richter
Dr. Markus Richter, CIO of the German Government, at the Potsdam Conference for National CyberSecurity 2022

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On April 19 and 20, 2023, high-ranking representatives of German and international security authorities as well as experts from politics, business and academia will meet at HPI to analyze the cybersecurity situation and exchange views on current and future challenges.

Prof. Christian Dörr

Our program chair HPI Professor Dr. Christian Dörr, Head of the Cybersecurity - Enterprise Security research group, will focus on the important issues surrounding digital sovereignty in Germany, in international comparison and for each individual.

The following topics await you:

Cybersecurity and Digital Sovereignty

Employee Awareness - Best Practices

The cyber security situation in Germany

Protection of critical infrastructures and Industry 4.0

Supply Chain Security

Cyberwar - War scenario of the future

Cooperation between politics, industry and science

Photo Gallery of the Potsdam Conference for National CyberSecurity 2022