Successful entrepreneurship workshop at HPI E-School!

Last Wednesday 22 motivated participants met for the “Ideation Team-Matching”-Workshop organized by the E-School-Team to discuss business ideas and develop upon these using design thinking methods. The afternoon was facilitated by two experienced design thinking coaches.

The idea for the workshop was born from last year’s experience at the HPI Business Plan Competition where many more HPI students would have liked to participate but were unable to do so because of either a lack of a business idea or a co-founder. At this workshop the E-School brought together students from different backgrounds and schools such as IT Systems Engineering or Design Thinking students from HPI as well as business students from ESMT to exchange ideas and form a team.

The afternoon started with participants pitching their initial ideas in front of the group to gather a team for the following sessions on “Personas” and “Value Proposition”. Surprisingly many participants came with ideas in hand making it a competitive environment with everyone trying to snatch the team members needed for the following sessions.
However, quickly four teams were found and the team work began. In a mere three hours the teams developed upon their core customers, their needs and the unique solution to fix the problem identified. The sessions culminated in a short pitch in front of Manuel Effenberg from the HPI Seed Fund and Claudia Nicolai, Academic Director of the D-School with clear feedback on how to progress to realize the business idea.

Finishing up with pizza and beer, the participants enthusiastically commented on the “good selection of people in terms of professions and backgrounds”, the content of the session “using the value proposition canvas” and the valuable “feedback from experts in seed funding already in the ideation session”.

We are looking forward to seeing them again as participants in this year’s business plan competition.


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