Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Dr. Sven Schneider

System Analysis and Modeling Group

Mail: Sven.Schneider(at)HPI.DE

Academic Degree: Dr.-Ing.

Phone: +49 (0)331 5509-353

Room: A-1.12

DBLP: link

ORCID: link

Research Interests

  • Graph Logics
    • Metric Temporal Graph Logic over Symbolic Graphs: FASE2019, ICGT2020
    • Graph Logic over Symbolic Graphs: Automated Reasoning: Model Generation/Satisfiability/Refutability: FASE2017, STTT2018
    • Graph Repair / Consistency Restoration: FASE2019
  • Graph Transformation
  • Controller Synthesis for Discrete Event Systems WODES2014, WODES2014, TR2014, DEDS2016
    • Supervisory Control
    • Hierarchical Control
    • Concurrent and Distributed Control
    • Formal Verification (Isabelle/HOL)
    • thesis/dissertation
  • Process Calculi:

Scientific Activities