Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert

Medical Imaging - Reducing the dependency on expert supervision

  • CLASSIFAI - Usable Active Learning for medical image segmentation
  • Self-Supervised Learning for Medical Imaging
  • Generative Adversarial Networks for Medical Imaging


Evaluation of Medical AI

  • Computer-aided digital chest radiograph (CXR) interpretation


Statistical Methods for Genetics and Genomics

  • Statistical hypothesis testing in deep learning models
  • Fast kernel-based genome-wide association tests
  • International consortium for integrative genomics prediction (INTERVENE)


Deep probabilistic models


CovMap - Modeling SARS-Cov Infection Risk based on GPS Data 

  • We are developing methods for the statistical analysis of large biomedical data.


KI Kompetenzzentrum Mittelstand

  • Within the Kompetenzzentrum Mittelstand Berlin, we support SMEs to identify use cases for AI technologies in their company (https://gemeinsam-digital.de/)


Causal Inference

  • Causal inference in prediction models
  • Estimating and testing in directed acyclic graphs


Digitial Health Apps

  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder screening
  • Animated Alcohol Assessment


Methods for Digital Health Interventions


StudyU Platform and StudyMe Health App