Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert

Hannah Neumayer


Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-3477

Room: G-2.1.25

Email: hannah.neumayer(at)hpi.de


Research Interests & Projects

> women's health

> sleep and mental health/health literacy

> EEG scoring and analysis

> tool validation

Current project(s)

MeMäF -Improving women's health with a digitally supported care model for girls and young women with menstrual pain


M.Sc. in Health Science (2024)
Technical University Munich

B.Sc. in Health Science (2021)
Technical University Munich


> Blaskovich B, Bullón-Tarrasó E, Pöhlchen D, Manafis A, Neumayer H, Besedovsky L, Brückl T; BeCOME Working Group; Simor P, Binder FP, Spoormaker VI. The utility of wearable headband electroencephalography and pulse photoplethysmography to assess cortical and physiological arousal in individuals with stress-related mental disorders. J Sleep Res. 2023