Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert

Stefan Konigorski, Dr. rer. nat.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Phone: +49 331 5509 4873

Room: G-2.1.35

Email: stefan.konigorski(at)hpi.de

Research Interests

  • N-of-1 trials for personalizing health interventions
  • Causal inference in estimation, hypothesis testing, and prediction models
  • Statistical and machine learning models of multi-modal molecular and genetic data

Research Projects

  • App-based N-of-1 trials for personalizing digital health interventions
  • N-of-1 trial to investigate effectiveness of interventions for low back pain
  • Statistical models to analyze N-of-1 trials of sensor-based blood pressure measures and of omics biomarkers
  • Causal inference in risk prediction models
  • Genetic association studies incorporating deep-learning derived intermediate molecular as well as complex imaging phenotypes
  • Genetic and molecular association studies of cardiometabolic traits
  • Organizing and conducting workshops on artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized companies as AI expert in the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Berlin