Our mission is to foster synergies at the intersection of (1) design thinking: creativity · collaboration · innovation, (2) digital engineering and (3) neuroscience. We encourage collaboration across disciplines as well as between research, education and practice.

In the realm of digital engineering, our goal is to inspire worthwhile innovation by means of a better understanding of basic human (user) needs, i.e. a better understanding of the human physiology and psychology.

In digital engineering education, we help engineering students master creative processes in their fields of expertise and passion. That is, we provide process and community support for digital engineering projects that aim at highly creative, innovative outcomes.

These are further goals we pursue:

Merging Science, Engineering, Philosophy and Art

Understanding Innovation beyond Fragmentation

Professional Bridges between Theory and Practice

More Digital Engineering in Neuroscience

An “Embodied Cognition” Perspective

Inspiration from Nature for Digital Engineering

Novel Career Models for Neuroscientists