Immune Defense

As an alternative to more traditional creativity tests, Immune Defense allows you to measure creativity by playing a video game. The task for participants is to protect a living organism in the face of various attackers. This can be achieved by placing and upgrading objects on the game grid. The approach is realized as a tower defence game, a common subgenre of strategy video games.

The complex gaming behaviour of participants can be analysed automatically via the C-Tracer, without the need for human experts who subjectivelly judge the creativity of a player’s action. All test results are immediately available in a digital format.

You can try out the Immune Defense creativity test here.

You can read more about Immune Defense here:

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Immune Defense has received an independent review here:

Rafner, J. (2021, June). Creativity assessment games and crowdsourcing. In Creativity and Cognition (pp. 1-5).

Immune Defense has been part of a larger validation study here:

Jaschek, C, von Thienen, J. P. A., Borchart, K.-P. & Meinel, C. (2023). The CollaboUse Test for automated creativity measurement in individuals and teams: A construct validation study. Creativity Research Journal. Special Issue on Advancements in the Measurement and Evaluation of Creativity.

Additional publication:

Jaschek, C., Borchart, K., Krebs, E., Meinel, C., Kolodny, O. & von Thienen, J. (2020). Immune Defense. A video game to measure creativity. Full presentation at the MIC Conference of Creativity, Sept. 14-16, Bologna, Italy.