Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

Christoph Anders

Research Assistant, PhD Student

Phone: +49-(0)1520 299 4501

Room: G-2.1.21

Email: Christoph.Anders(at)hpi.de 

DE (mother tongue) | EN (fluent) | ES (un pocito)

I'm interested in

  • Electroencephalography (EEG) data and computational neurosciences
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) and different architectures
  • Data Pre-Processing steps and the influence of these on various ML-/DL-tasks
  • Wearables in general, researching where clinical measurement techniques face limits

If I were to summarize it in one sentence: My research interest focuses around classification, prediction, and forecasting tasks on time-series data obtained from wearable body-sensor systems, especially investigating the effect of data pre-processing, with a background on EEG data.

Excerpt of project Ideas, e.g. for master theses

  • Multimodal data recording ...
    • ... and the influence of data pre-processing pipelines on time-series classification performance of sensor-data, e.g. for the purpose of emotion classification
    • ... at distinct times of day and night, with the goal to perform fatigue detection and investigate on the influence of tiredness on the classification of mental workload
  • Prototypic studies regarding emotion classification, fatigue detection, or classification of mental workload ...
    • ... 'in-the-wild', collecting (and ideally publishing) data sets on healthy participants
    • ... in the lab, collecting (and ideally publishing) data sets examining the influence of e.g. caffeeine and other foods on healthy participants
  • Development of a framework for automatic data pre-processing or automatic DL-model building for the classification of multi-modal time-series of sensor data
  • Development and benchmarking of enhanced algorithms for ... 
    • ... artefact removal of data recorded 'in-the-wild'
    • ... labeling of data recorded 'in-the-wild'

It might be possible to perform studies on specific diseases, instead of only collecting data from healthy participants. However, this requires some work up-front. Therefore, we should discuss matters in this regard as soon as possible. Just drop me a line if any of these topics, or variations thereof, seem interesting to you!

Excerpt of what I have done so far

  • Master Thesis “Experimental Evaluation of data preprocessing methods for time series classification on brain activity data”
  • Multiple positions as student assistant:
    • Planning and successful application of an ethics proposal for “Influence of high-frequency somatosensory evoked potentials in the primary somatosensory cortex through psychophysiological parameters and biofeedback” and extension of measurement software setup
    • Implementation and integration of an Integrative approach for gene selection on gene expression data into an existing framework for the Enterprise Platform and Integration Concepts chair
    • Refactoring of software used for evaluations of model-based architectural self-adaptation for the System Analysis and Modeling chair
  • Multiple projects during my masters studies at HPI:
    • Master project “Digital Health FIBER”, a flexible data mart for clinical predictive modeling in cooperation with Mount Sinai
    • Project of cancer segmentation on image data with the Charité Berlin, in which two fellow students and I worked on data similar to the BRATS challenge, explaining AI decisions in cooperation with the group of Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Fiebach and Dr. med. Kersten Villringer from the Department of Neurology and Experimental Neurology at Charité, Campus Benjamin Franklin
  • Talk at my former high school, the Julius-Spiegelberg-Gymnasium Vechelde, about why computer sciences are cool, to make pupils curious about computer sciences
  • Roughly one year working-experience in the industry as a software developer and system analyst in a SCRUM-based customer project on-site
  • Bachelor of Sciences in a Dual Study program at the Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel, University of Applied Sciences with the thesis topic: “Microservices: Assessment Criteria for Applications”


Currently in preparation/under review: 2