Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bert Arnrich

Cognitive Ergonomics and Health

The Cognitive Ergonomics and Health research group, part of the Digital Health - Connected Healthcare chair, is a dynamic and interdisciplinary team dedicated to advancing cognitive ergonomics and healthcare technology. Our research encompasses a broad range of topics, from the innovative use of wearable EEG devices and multimodal sensors for mental health assessments to their application in assessing cognitive load in software development. We integrate advanced methodologies like affective computing, signal processing, and machine learning to enhance healthcare applications and software engineering practices. Our work aims at understanding and managing conditions and states like epilepsy, mental workload, and stress through real-time monitoring and data analysis. We encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing, inviting students and researchers to engage with our diverse projects.


Current Research Topics


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Room: G-2.1.21 | Phone: +49-(0)1520 299 4501

Email: christoph.anders(at)hpi.de 



Room: G-2.1.21

Email: char.brandebusemeyer@hpi.de


Arpita Kappattanavar

Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4853

Room: G-2.1.20

Email: arpita.kappattanavar(at)hpi.de


Sidratul Moontaha

Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-3481

Room: G-2.1.21

Email: sidratul.moontaha(at)hpi.de


Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-3453

Room: G-2.1.11

Email: fabian.stolp(at)hpi.de



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  • Have Your Cake and Log it... - Download
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  • Bewertung von Therapieeff... - Download
    Bewertung von Therapieeffekten bei Epilepsie: Eine vergleichende Analyse zwischen Cox-Stuart-Berechnung und Zustandsraum-Modellierung Scharlach, Sascha; Moontaha, Sirdatul; von Spiczak, Sarah; Stephani, Ulrich; Siniatchkin, Michael; May, Theodor; Galka, Andreas; Meurer, Thomas (2019).
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