Chevalier is a legal technology company with the vision to make justice more accessible and affordable for consumers. Enabled by Chevalier’s software and advanced analytics solutions, lawyers can provide more accurate case assessment, more effective negotiation tactics and overall superior results to their clients.  

In order to achieve excellence in litigation and negotiation results, Chevalier leverages Google’s Tensorflow to apply machine learning to vast amounts of case and contextual data to predict optimal outcomes. At the same time, Chevalier also develops a modular Javascript-based software to automate tedious and manual law firm backoffice tasks, thereby enabling case enforcement at scale.  

Chevalier was founded by Marius Eßer, Markus Petrykowski, and Simon Wolff. Markus, who graduated with a Master’s degree from HPI in 2018, is responsible for Chevalier’s technology as CTO.