We prepare our students for a successful future. This approach does not only apply to practical studies with current topics, but also to the preparation involved in starting a business. The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) supports students in acquiring the necessary tools to successfully set up their own business with their own business idea.

Entrepreneurship at HPI


An overview of all HPI entrepreneurship offerings:



From Lecture Hall to Executive Chair

The success of these ideas has been proven in the many startups founded by HPI students and alumni. In the future, all activities related to this sector will be bundled in the HPI School of Entrepreneurship, which is currently under development.

    Teaching and Research in the field of entrepreneurship

    As part of the study program in IT systems engineering, HPI offers its students courses in the field of entrepreneurship. Emphasis is placed on the specific challenges facing the company founder in the IT field. Additionally, an experienced teaching staff imparts crucial methodology and management skills to students in the Master’s program. The aspiring computer scientists receive essential knowledge to start a competitive company on the basis of their own business ideas.

    Acquiring practical knowledge is a crucial part of our program. In guest lectures, start-up founders give hands-on insights into the process of founding a business, speaking from their own experience. Students also receive training in the soft skills that are essential for a successful career as a young entrepreneur, such as creative as expression in entrepreneurial activities.

    Besides offering a range of courses, HPI carries out the scientific study of specific issues in entrepreneurship. In collaboration with international and national top universities and companies, HPI addresses practice-relevant research topics at the interface between entrepreneurship and IT.

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    Other Offerings in the Field of Entrepreneurship

    In addition to its instruction and research in entrepreneurship, HPI takes numerous steps to support those from the institute-setting interested in founding their own business. These include:

    Since 2015, the multi-faceted activities at the evolving HPI School of Entrepreneurship have been expanded through the newly established HPI Seed Fund. Start-ups from HPI’s operational environment can receive financing of up to EUR 50,000. The start-up is also provided intensive support for its long-term corporate success. Particularly in regard to matters of follow-up financing, start-ups can rely on assistance from the wide-ranging expertise of the HPI Seed Fund and its excellent network.

    The result of this unique infrastructure in the entrepreneurship field has helped to ensure the emergence of more than 100 start-up companies from the HPI environment—most of which are in Berlin or Potsdam. Together with its prestigious partners, HPI makes an important contribution to the support of young start-ups in the IT sector.

    Additional information about offers for those interested in establishing a startup can be found at the career portal— HPI Connect.

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