HPI Alumni Events

Alumni Homecoming at HPI Summer Fesitval

Every year the Hasso Plattner Institute celebrates the end of the lecture time with the traditional HPI Summer Festival. All HPI alumni are invited and many of them use the opportunity to meet again former fellow students and other HPI alumni at the HPI Alumni Homecoming. The place to be is not only the exclusive “HPI Alumni Biergarten” but also alumni team up and are highly successful participants in the sports tournaments at the summer festival. What better way is there to reconnect with former fellow students and enjoy summer at HPI?


Graduation ceremony

At the end of each summer semester we hold a graduation ceremony, inspired by the Anglo-american tradition. About 100 graduates in black robes throw their baretts into the sky - a long awaited moment and an unforgettable experience for the new alumni! For the fresh graduates and "their“ HPI this marks the beginning of a constant and life-long partnership.


"HPI meets ..." Alumni

At the event-series "HPI Alumni meet ..." HPI graduates are both hosts and guests. Regularly the Hasso Plattner Institute invites alumni to return to HPI and tell current students about their careers as founders of a startup, as scientist or in a corporate company. By outlining their own career paths, they give students important insights into possible career choices after graduation. Not only can they answer important questions every student always wanted to ask, but also it is very easy to build useful career networks at these events!

HPI Alumni Regulars' Table

HPI regularly invites all alumni to an Alumni Regular's Table in Berlin. This informal setting offers the opportunity for friendly and relaxed get-together and the perfect possibility for a regular exchange and networking among the graduates of the institute.

HPI Connect Fair and Startup Fair

The annual HPI Connect Fair is the networking event for IT companies, students and alumni of the Hasso Plattner Institute. More and more alumni use this event to return to HPI and present their startups or companies. However, of course HPI graduates, who are looking for new career perspectives are also very welcome and sought after by the exhibitors.

In 2018, HPI launched introduced the first HPI Connect Startup Fair. The new fair gives the founders among the alumni the perfect opportunity to present their own startups and recruit HPI students.