Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics is an industrial IoT B2B vertical company with the aim to support the German industry and machine operators with digitalization. The core product are cross-linked machines and new data driven services in order to increase availability and reduce OPEX. The benefit of improved machine monitoring is not only a reduced maintenance cost through predictive maintenance but also through improved efficiency and increased flexibility as well as the prevention of unplanned downtime.

The technology is covering the whole chain from sensor to analytics (fog computing). With an edge device even sensitive data on vibrations and like structure-borne sound are detected and preprocessed. The reliability of the machine monitoring is significantly improved by the use of physical models (digital twin).

Industrial Analytics was founded in November 2017. The founders are six people who for several years worked together at a renowned manufacturer of turbomachines and AI expert Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich from HPI, Chair for Algorithm Engineering.