STOMT develops a holistic approach for gathering, managing and automating customer feedback. By simplifying the whole process for those who are supposed to give feedback as well as the recipient, 10X more data and feedback is collected while costs for processing are reduced. Thereby, STOMT creates anonymous user profiles which are converted into real users on STOMT.com over time. Those additional customer relationships can be used to win back lost customers, to up-sell and to reduce the companies churn-rate.

STOMT makes use of knowledge and lessons learned from EWOM-research (needs of modern users) as well as advertising (priming). An own standard for feedback has been developed to create a brand for feedback as well as for gaining computational advantages. Through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, STOMT learns the language of each company’s community and the company’s behaviour and is thereby aiming for automating the customer dialog.

The vision is to be the global standard for customer wishes and feedback.

STOMT was founded in August 2016 by Philipp Zentner and HPI-student Max Klenk.