Marc Lindike

Munich Airport, Head of Information Security Assurance


As the person responsible for operational and tactical cyber defense at Munich Airport, Marc Lindike is very near to the new threats of cyberspace.  He, however, described the current situation as follows: The many regulations hinder us from defending our airport more than they help us in supporting it."We are more hindered than supported in defending our airport by the many regulations."

A As a "lateral thinker," Lindike kept mostly a  critical eye on IT applications and technologies in all areas of life during his talk. "Is it a good idea that a global cloud center is needed to turn the lights on and off at our airport? Does it make sense to put the entire German economy on a platform that has an emergency switch that can be controlled from outside?” asked Lindike, referring to the rise of cloud computing.

What's Worrisome is not only the high vulnerability of security systems but also that hardly anyone knows how the systems work. "There is barely a possibility to  to look inside, and there is no communication tool," Lindike indicated. "I want to be able to understand and independently audit what's happening with my critical infrastructure and who's controlling it."