Prof. Roland Wöller

As Minister of the Interior of the Free State of Saxony, Prof. Roland Wöllerraised one of the fundamental problems of politics in terms of cyber security at the 6th Potsdam Conference on National CyberSecurity, Nowadays, Wöller pointed out, ,, the precious commodity of attention can only be obtained by "exaggerating, dramatizing, scandalizing" - at the same time, the risks posed by cybercrime cannot be grasped or seen. In light of this situation, he concluded, "A prevented crisis is not a political success," which means that preventive efforts are often only met with only hesitant interest.


For Saxony, Wöller nevertheless wants to "not only exploit opportunities but minimize risks." In particular, he said, protecting against identity data in the administration is a challenge because stolen user names and passwords could give attackers "access to the internal network of the state administration." The position of the state administration as an "anchor of trust" for the citizens and companies makes the permanent expansion of defensive measures necessary. For this reason, a cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) was entered into. A specific client application of the "Identity Leak Checker" makes it possible to monitor the entire address space of the domain "sachsen.de" for the administration employees - should one of these addresses appear on lists with stolen identity data, this information is immediately transmitted to the "Computer Emergency Response Team" (CERT).