Karl-Heinz Schröter

Minister of the Interior and for Municipal Affairs of the State of Brandenburg


The topic of cybersecurity has become broader in many respects in recent years, said Brandenburg Interior Minister Karl-Heinz Schröter at the start of the second day of the 7th Potsdam Conference on National Cybersecurity. Whereas  in the past locks would have sufficed for protectionthat is no longer the case  in the age of cyberattacks. We have become very vulnerable, Schröter added. The power outage in Berlin-Köpenick on Feb. 20 of this year lasted 30 hours - such a power outage could also be caused by a hacker attack.  

In order to bundle its digitization efforts,  the Brandenburg state government has specifically set up a new department to deal with all digitization issues. The focus is on  digital services for citizens, the fight against cybercrime, but also IT security. An area in which there is close cooperation with the BSI, he said. "Brandenburg has also made gains in this area, both strategically and operationally, because cybercrime is also on the rise in Brandenburg."

Figures from the IHK showed that 93 percent of cyber incidents in companies are currently not being reported." This baffles me, ". After all, there is  no shame in reporting such a crime, and it is in fact a crucial duty. Not only because so many companies are affected by cyberattacks, but also because the police can learn from them, he said.