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Gain knowledge about the digital world. Experts from the Hasso Plattner Institute speak in the German Podcast 'Neuland' (The Unknown Territory) comprehensibly about digital developments and trends, as well as the opportunities and risks of digitization. Each episode deals with a socially relevant topic: From the power of artificial intelligence, the blockchain to hounding in social media. 

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Newest Episode

PD Dr. Jessica Heesen (Photo: PLS/Thilo Schoch)
Prof. Felix Naumann

AI systems are making more and more decisions in our everyday lives. This requires huge amounts of high-quality data. But who actually controls their quality?

Whether in healthcare, law, or recruiting, AI systems are making more and more decisions in important areas of our lives. Training these systems requires huge amounts of data, often of uncertain origin and quality. But what happens when data is outdated, distorted or incomplete? In the new episode of the HPI science podcast "Neuland", HPI Prof. Felix Naumann and media ethicist PD Dr. Jessica Heesen discuss the quality standards of data sets and the question of how far artificial intelligence is allowed to go.

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HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Clean-IT
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Digitale Transformation
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Cybersecurity
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Entrepreneurship
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Data Science
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Informatik
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Design Thinking
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Künstliche Intelligenz
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Digitale Bildung
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Studium
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Digital Health
HPI Podcast Neuland Themenkachel: Women in Tech

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HPI Podcast Neuland: Clean-IT
HPI Podcast Neuland: Cybersecurity
HPI Podcast Neuland: Data Science
HPI Podcast Neuland: Design Thinking
Prof. Falk Uebernickel
Stefanie Gerken

Design Thinking has been an integral part of the professional world for more than two decades. Prof. Falk Uebernickel and Stefanie Gerken discuss which approaches are needed to further develop this innovation method.

Design thinking is more than just a method case full of techniques. In more and more companies, the approach is lived as part of the innovation culture. In their study "Design Thinking: a Global Study on Implementation Practices in Organizations", Stefanie Gerken, Lab Designer & Facilitator at Deloitte Greenhouse and Design Thinking Track Lead at the HPI School of Design Thinking, and Falk Uebernickel, Professor of Design Thinking & Innovation Research at HPI, have analyzed the developments and changes in design thinking practices in organizations. In the new episode of the HPI knowledge podcast Neuland, they provide insights into the results.

HPI Podcast Neuland: Digital Transformation
HPI Podcast Neuland: Digital Health
Prof. Erwin Böttinger
Prof. Ariel Dora Stern

Clinical trials are essential for medical progress. But they often involve an enormous financial and time commitment. Prof. Erwin Böttinger and Prof. Ariel Dora Stern discuss why we urgently need new approaches.

As an important part of research, clinical trials provide information about the effectiveness of drugs or investigate the possibilities for prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases. But conducting them is often time-consuming and costly - both for researchers and patients. Digital technologies and tools such as wearables could help make clinical research smarter and more patient-friendly. What approaches already exist? Prof. Erwin Böttinger, Head of the Digital Health Center and the Research Group "Digital Health - Personalized Medicine" at HPI, and Prof. Ariel Dora Stern, Visiting Scientist for Digital Health Economics and Policy at HPI and Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School at Harvard University, talk about this in the new episode of the HPI knowledge podcast "Neuland".

 HPI Podcast Neuland: Digital Education
HPI Podcast Neuland: Entrepreneurship
HPI Podcast Neuland: Computer Science
HPI Podcast Neuland: Artificial Intelligence
HPI Podcast Neuland: Studies
HPI Podcast Neuland: Women in Tech