Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Joint Seminar (with TU Darmstadt)

This is a joint research seminar series with the Data Management Lab from TU Darmstadt (led by Prof. Carsten Binnig). We will have invited speakers but also present our current research. On this page you can find the schedule and further information for the talks. The time slot for this semester will be from 4:15 - 5:15 pm.


11-10-2023Marco Canini: Programmable Networks for Distributed Deep Learning: Advances and Perspectives
18-10-2023Peter Pietzuch: Distributed Reinforcement Learning with Dataflow Fragments
15-11-2023Boris Koepf: Automatic Detection of Microarchitectural Leaks
29-11-2023Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou: Efficient Data Management for Modern Spatial Applications
13-12-2023Ryan Marcus: Machine Learning Powered Query Optimizers
10-1-2024Jonas Markussen: PCIe with a perspective on CXL
24-1-2024Holger Fröning: On Accelerating Deep and Bayesian Neural Architectures