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Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI


The HPI Future SOC Lab provides hardware and software for researchers in cooperation with industry partners. To gain access to the technologies listed below, you must first submit a project proposal (further information).

You will receive your access information directly after the project approval email in the days following HPI Future SOC Lab Day. After accepting the Terms of Use, researchers gain access for about 6 months, or up to 1½ years upon request. At the end of a period, all project accesses and data are deleted.


Further information: Project Steps

Find the current availability here.

Exclusive access can be requested.


Industry partners

Compute Power

High-RAM Multicore Machines

  • HPE DL980 (80 CPU cores, 2 TiB RAM)

  • HPE DL560 (80 CPU cores, 1.5 TiB RAM)

Distributed Computing

  • Compute Cluster
    • Each Node has 12 CPU cores, 128/256 GiB RAM
  • HPE Moonshot
    • 10 cartridges
    • Each 8 cores, 64 GiB RAM

Virtual Machines

  • 3 Node Virtual Machine Cluster
    • Each Node has 48 CPU cores, 1 TiB RAM

GPU Power

Nvidia K GPU

  • K20/K80 (HPE/SuperMicro)

Nvidia DGX-1

  • Tesla V100
  • 1000 Terraflop
  • 40960 Cores

Storage and Backup

HP 3PAR (as part of HP CC)

  • ~100 TiB Storage


10G/40G interconnect

  • Fujitsu and Brocade Switches
    • 10G Server and Storage connection
    • Internet uplink via X-WiN of DFN (German Research Network)
  • Core switch with 40G Router interconnect


We offer single HANA installations on shared hardware. For these purposes we have the following hardware available:

Fujitsu RX900 S1

  • CPU: 8 x Xeon X7560
  • RAM: 1024 GB
  • HDD: 6 x 900 GB
  • SSD: Fusion-io ioDimm3, 1280 GB

Hewlett Packard DL980 G7

  • CPU: 4 x Xeon (Nehalem EX) X7560
  • RAM: 1024 GB
  • HDD: 2 x 300 GB
  • SSD: Fusion-io ioDimm3, 1280 GB