Hasso-Plattner-InstitutSDG am HPI
Hasso-Plattner-InstitutDSG am HPI

Master Programs

The innovative and future-oriented master's programs of the Hasso Plattner Institute train students specifically for their later management and leadership positions. Whether in a company or in their own start-up, our HPI alumni enjoy a high reputation both nationally and internationally.

Master of Science: Cybersecurity

The main focus of the Cybersecurity master's program centers on researching and developing a new generation of security policies, methods and techniques for monitoring and securing complex IT infrastructures. Whether the issue concerns the characteristics of different types of attackers, cryptographic algorithms, data protection aspects or open source intelligence - the degree program is foremost oriented towards practical problems and features engineering-inspired IT security solutions.

Master of Science: IT-Systems Engineering

Graduates from the master´s program IT Systems Engineering are given the academic and practical tools needed to take up leading industry positions such as system architects and project managers. The focus lyes on the analysis, planning, construction, implementation and further development of complex IT systems, IT infrastructures and IT solutions.

Master of Science: Digital Health

The interdisciplinary, English-language, master’s program Digital Health is aimed at students of computer science and medical students, who want to work as highly qualified experts in the health sector at the interface between IT, computer science and medicine. The master’s program in digital health is composed of fundamental concepts and methods in IT systems engineering, data engineering, medical foundations as well as the knowledge of different systems of healthcare.

Master of Science: Data Engineering

The master’s program Data Engineering is aimed at the next generation of highly talented IT engineers who wish to complete a practical and research-oriented computer science study program and to focus on big data systems; that is, the collecting, linking and analyzing of large and complex data volumes.

Master of Science: Software Systems Engineering

The English-language master's program in Software Systems Engineering is designed for international and domestic students who want to deepen their expertise in state-of-the-art areas of computer science. Equipped with the most modern technology, students explore topics such as AI, machine learning, data analytics, data engineering, software systems, online systems, and interactive systems.