Hasso-Plattner-InstitutSDG am HPI
Hasso-Plattner-InstitutSDG am HPI


Former students, researchers and lecturers are all part of the HPI family. Therefore, maintaining a lasting connection to our alumni is a top priority at HPI.

Regular alumni events and mailings keep former members of our academic community up to date on developments at HPI and offer opportunities for exchange and networking. By participating in conferences and colloquiums at HPI, and video recordings of talks and events, alumni can broaden their knowledge constantly. The “Alumni Job Portraits” introduce graduates of the institute and their current jobs.

HPI Connect

HPI Connect is the Hasso Plattner Institute’s career platform for students and graduates of IT Systems Engineering and the HPI School of Design Thinking. It provides information on career opportunities and job offers in addition to announcing career and alumni events. Companies can present themselves on the platform and get in touch with HPI students and graduates directly.

HPI Connect Job Portal

The HPI Connect Job Portal is a central job platform and interface between companies and HPI students and alumni. As well, students as graduates can meet potential employers here. Companies also have the opportunity to enter into direct contact with HPI students and alumni and to recruit them as employees. In addition, companies can get into personal contact with HPI students by participating in the annual “HPI Connect Fair”.


The first-class education at HPI is a means of opening doors to positions of responsibility in companies, but also a foundation for taking the leap into self-employment. This has been proven by many successful HPI Alumni Startups. With its Bachelor and Masters degree programs, the Hasso Plattner Institute not only trains its students for a career as a software engineer or executives in business and science, it also equips them with the necessary tools to turn their own business idea into reality. Besides courses and research, HPI offers targeted services for prospective entrepreneurs from the institutional environment.  Furthermore, talks by alumni for students and events such as Startup Talks@HPI give students the opportunity to exchange experiences with successful HPI graduates and founders who have made a name for themselves.