HPI Startup Dojo

Every summer, the School of Entrepreneurship (E-School) of the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) hosts the Startup Dojo. The Startup Dojo is a 3-day workshop for early-stage startups from the HPI community. During the workshop, each of the participating startups works individually with different experts on questions and pain-points that the startups are currently struggling with.

The questions and problems the startups can approach the E-School with, that are to be solved during the workshop together with experts, should come from the following areas:

  • Sales  (e.g.: How to structure the acquisition of new customers in a niche market?)
  • Marketing (e.g.: Hands-On Marketing Analysis Facebook & Google Ads)
  • Venture Capital (e.g: How can I hold on to promises of the investor (intros, know-how, sales)?)
  • Legal (e.g.: How do I design customer and partner contracts in the B2B area?)
  • Business Modell (e.g.: Which other revenue models come into consideration and how do I find the right price?)
  • Productmanagement (e.g..: How can I implement my B2B product with little customization and consulting effort at the customer's site?)

In the best case some problems can be solved during the workshop. The mentoring is intended to increase the network of startups in essential areas, so that they will have contact persons in the respective areas even after the workshop.

The Startup Dojo ends with a BBQ and networking event in the Hasso Plattner Foundation's villa, attended by all participating startups and mentors as well as other key members of the HPI community. 

For more information about the HPI Startup Dojos, please visit: