Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Marcin Zukowski

Affiliation: Snowflake
Title: Databases and the cloud: opportunities and challenges
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The tectonic shift to the cloud in the last decade resulted in a new wave of database technology innovation. In this talk, we'll discuss the unique opportunities cloud offers, and how databases can benefit from them. We'll also share some of the unique challenges the shift to the cloud and the SaaS model brought, based on our experiences at Snowflake. Finally, we'll try to discuss the impact of the cloud on current and future database research.

Short CV

Marcin co-founded Snowflake and has been a key member of its engineering organization since. He is a leading expert in database processing, focusing on high performance and modern hardware architectures. Prior to Snowflake, Marcin was the CEO of Vectorwise, which produced the fastest single-node analytical database on the market, based on Marcin's PhD research at CWI in Amsterdam.