Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

General Theses Information

Topic Areas

We are continuously offering master thesis topics in the following areas:

  • Stream Processing

    • Windowing

    • Aggregation

  • Data Processing on Modern Hardware

    • Persistent Memory (PMem)

    • Graphic Processing Units (GPU)

    • Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)

  • Machine Learning Systems

    • Distributed Learning

    • Model Management

  • Benchmarking Data Processing Systems

If you want to write a master thesis at our group feel free to contact us for some topic ideas in the given areas. You can of course also come up with your own topic. To get an idea of previous topics, check out the completed theses at our group or the ongoing ones.

Writing a thesis at our group

Writing the thesis usually includes..

  • ...finding a topic together with an advisor (usually a PhD student or PostDoc).
  • ...choosing your second supervisor
  • ...writing a thesis proposal describing the main research problem and your approach. For details on the proposal, check out our proposal template.
  • ...registering the thesis with the Studienreferat after the proposal is accepted.
  • ...writing your thesis :) Feel free to use our Overleaf project.

Thesis submission

Once registered with the Studienreferat, the student has 6 months to submit the final version to both supervisors. Both supervisors then evaluate the thesis within 6 weeks. In separate cases, third examiner can be included in the process. 

Thesis defense & presentation

The oral defense includes a graded 20-minute presentation and a 30-minute discussion with the evaluation commitee. The defenses are generally open for attendance by the community.

For all questions regarding a thesis at our group, just reach out to us.