Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Lawrence Benson

Ph.D. Student
Room: F-1.05
Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-4857
E-Mail: lawrence.benson(at)hpi.de

Full Profile

Research Interests

  • Data Processing on Modern Hardware
  • Persistent Memory (PMem)
  • Efficient Stream Processing

Check out my personal website for some more information.


  • Evaluating SIMD Compiler-Intrinsics for Database Sytems @ ADMS '23
    > Paper  > Code
  • PerMA-Bench: Benchmarking Persistent Memory Acccess @ VLDB '22
    Lawrence Benson, Leon Papke, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper  > Code  > Poster
  • Darwin: Scale-In Stream Processing @ CIDR 2022
    Lawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper
  • Viper: An Efficient Hybrid PMem-DRAM Key-Value Store @ VLDB 2021
    Lawrence Benson, Hendrik Makait, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper  > Code (external)
  • Maximizing Persistent Memory Bandwidth Utilization for OLAP Workloads @ SIGMOD 2021
    Björn Daase, Lars Jonas Bollmeier, Lawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper  > Code (external) 
  • Drop It In Like It's Hot: An Analysis of Persistent Memory as a Drop-in Replacement for NVMe SSDs @ DaMoN 2021
    Maximilian Böther, Otto Kißig, Lawrence Benson, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper  > Code (external)
  • Disco: Efficient Distributed Window Aggregation @ EDBT 2020
    Lawrence Benson, Phillip M. Grulich, Steffen Zeuch, Volker Markl, Tilmann Rabl
    > Paper (external)   > Poster (external)   > Code (external)   > Talk (external, YouTube)



If you would like to work together on a general research project or your master thesis, please just reach out. You can propose your own ideas, but I usually also have some project ideas lying around. You can also check out our open theses page for a few suggestions. I'm happy to assist you if you want to write a research paper. This can be extracurricular and does not have to be part of a seminar or thesis. I'm currently supervising a few student papers and theses. 

Student Paper Supervision:

Thesis Supervision:

  • Query-Sharing in Query-Compiled Stream Processing Engines, Yannik Schröder, Master Thesis, 2023
  • A Data Generator for Realtime Streaming Analytics Benchmarks, Otto Kißig, Master Thesis, 2023
  • Column-Oriented Stream Processing, Björn Daase, Master Thesis, 2022
  • Network-aware Data Stream Aggregation, Leon Papke, Master Thesis, 2022
  • Designing a CPU-aware Hash Table for Streaming Hash Joins, Maximilian Böther, Master Thesis, 2022
  • Efficient Data Ingestion for Stream Processing Systems, Richard Ebeling, Master Thesis, 2022
  • R-Tree Data Placement on Persistent Memory, Nils Thamm, Master Thesis, 2021




Master Project Supervision:

Community Service

  • PC Member VLDB 2024 (PVLDB 17)
  • Reviewer VLDB Journal 2023
  • Reviewer Datenbankspektrum 2022


This is a short list of some talks that I've given.

  • Hardware-Conscious Databases @ Oracle (2023)
  • PerMA-Bench @ TU München (2022)
  • PerMA-Bench @ FAU Erlangen (2022)
  • PerMA-Bench @ TU Darmstadt (2022)
  • PerMA-Bench @ Intel (2022)
  • Darwin @ TU Berlin (2022)
  • Persistent Memory in Databases @ ITU Copenhagen (2021)
  • Viper @ Intel (2021)
  • Viper @ TU Darmstadt (2021)