Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Marcel Weisgut

Ph.D. Student
Room: F-1.05
Phone: +49-(0)331 5509-280
E-Mail: marcel.weisgut(at)hpi.de
Profiles: LinkedIn | GitHub | Google Scholar | dblp

Research Interest

  • In-Memory Data Management
  • Modern Memory Technologies (Focus: Disaggregated Memory, CXL-attached Memory)
  • Memory Management
  • Index Structures


  • What We Can Learn from Persistent Memory for CXL @ NoDMC 2023
    Lawrence Benson, Marcel Weisgut, Tilmann Rabl
    Extended abstract
  • Workload-Driven Data Placement for Tierless In-Memory Database Systems @ BTW 2023
    Ben Hurdelhey, Marcel Weisgut, Martin Boissier
  • Robust Index Selection for Stochastic Dynamic Workloads @ SNCS 2023
    Rainer Schlosser, Marcel Weisgut, Leonardo Hubscher, Oliver Nordemann 
  • Separated Allocator Metadata in Disaggregated In-Memory Databases: Friend or Foe? @ COMPSYS 2022
    Marcel Weisgut, Daniel Ritter, Martin Boissier, Michael Perscheid
    Paper (awarded as best paper)
  • Solver-Based Approaches for Robust Multi-Index Selection Problems with Reconfiguration Costs under Stochastic Dynamic Workloads @ ICORES 2022
    Marcel Weisgut, Leonardo Hubscher, Oliver Nordemann, Rainer Schlosser
    Paper | Code
  • Experimental Index Evaluation for Partial Indexes in Horizontally Partitioned In-Memory Databases @ GvDB 2021
    Marcel Weisgut
    Paper | Code
  • Model-Based Testing of Read Only Graph Queries @ ICSTW 2020
    Leen Lambers, Scen Schneider, Marcel Weisgut
    Paper | Code


Master's Thesis Supervision

  • Workload-Driven Data Placement for Capacity-Constrained Multi-Device In-Memory Database Systems, Ben Hurdelhey, September 2022
  • Workload-Driven Query Optimization Using Data Dependencies, Daniel Lindner, March 2022

Master's Project Supervision

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