Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Maximilian Bandle

Affiliation: TU München
Title: Sub-Operators in Query Execution with a focus on Joining and Filtering
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With the ever-increasing gap between generated data amount and compute performance, moving data becomes the elephant in the room. We propose a solution to this issue where we rethink how we can offload computations and pre-filter data efficiently.

In this talk, we present our vision of a novel sub-operator-centered system architecture. It is developed around existing database engine components that can also leverage heterogeneous hardware. Our concepts expose already present sub-components of a database engine to shape a more versatile interface, which allows mapping and processing various data flows. We use our existing research on database operators on a single machine and put the findings in the context of sub-operators. We look into the question, of when partitioning pays off in join execution and present the results of our apples-to-apples comparison of comparing fingerprint and bloom filter variants.

Short CV

Maximilian Bandle is a Ph.D. student at the Data Science & Engineering group at TU Munich and his research focuses on the intersection of modern hardware, query execution, and moving data. He contributes to Thomas Neumanns Umbra DB project and explores dataflows for post-Moore architectures with Jana Giceva.