Design Loupes

PI: Dr. Alexander Zeier, Professor Larry Leifer


Researchers from the Hasso Plattner Institute and Stanford University have collaborated over the past 24 months to develop new design process management methods and tools. A design process model and a software platform for design team communication network analysis were jointly developed within the HPI‐Stanford Design Thinking Research Program.
Innovative performance metrics were conceived, implemented and evaluated. It was found that the metrics are not correlated with each other and hence each represents a uniquely valid measure of performance from a specific point‐of‐view. In addition, the tool
d.store was built and used to analyze design team communication signatures.
The proposed second phase of this project will concentrate on evaluation, validation, and enhancement of the framework. The ultimate vision is a tool that allows managers to steer and designers to navigate the design process in real‐time towards more innovative outcomes. To achieve this, we propose a series of experiments designed to validate each subsystem. The IT tool
d.store will be enhanced and expanded to include more communication taps and automated analysis. Navigation tools for real‐time support of design innovation teams will be implemented for global design teams by the academic year 2010‐2011.