Projekte 2017/18

Can Design Thinking Improve Programming? II Exploring Means to Grow a Shared Vocabulary Between Programmers and Domain Experts

Professor Dr. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract Software engineering is a multi-disciplinary profession that involves not only … > mehr

Innovation Work Places of the Future–Fostering Collaboration Through Leveraging an Under-Used Organizational Resource in the Context of Transformation

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Professor Ulrich Weinberg Abstract The overall objective of this research project is … > mehr

Measuring Creative Collaboration - Evaluating Design Thinking Methods

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Professor Ulrich Weinberg Abstract In the past research years we have gained a deep … > mehr

Fostering DT education through adaptive digital learning experiences

After extensive research on digital design thinking education and creating a MOOC on the first design thinking phase, … > mehr

Design Thinking Medical Record Data: Addressing Innovation Barriers to Doctor-Patient Teamwork

PI: Professor Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract This joint proposal explores the use of Tele-Board MED (TBM) to enable … > mehr

Measuring the Impact of Design Thinking on Software Development Processes and Products

PI: Matthias Uflacker Abstract A seamless integration of Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Start-Up activities into … > mehr

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams Using Immersive Virtual Reality

PI: Larry Leifer, Jeremy Bailenson Abstract Researchers have been investigating – what designers do when they work in … > mehr

Investigating Active Tangible Proxies and Augmented Reality for Creativity Support in Remote Collaboration

PI: Sean Follmer Abstract Physical manipulation is a key part of externalizing representations of knowledge and the … > mehr

The Impact and Value Creation of Team Collaboration

PI: Allan L. Reiss Abstract Team collaboration is an essential component of the design thinking methodology for … > mehr

Understanding, Capturing and Reusing Successful Design Practices

PI: James Landay Abstract Millions of people participate in the design process on a daily basis, however many are … > mehr

Human-Centered Research at Crowd Scale Hive: Decentralized, Collaborative Design Through Network Rotation

PI: Michael Bernstein Abstract Decentralized, collaborative design (e.g., OpenIDEO) taps into online volunteers to … > mehr

Examining the role of design reflection and associated brain dynamics in creativity

PI: Manish Saggar Abstract Design reflection has been shown of critical import for the development of design … > mehr

Measuring The Transfer of Design Thinking from Training to Application Embedded Platforms (Continuing)

PI: Sheri Sheppard, Bernard Roth Abstract Academic institutions have developed ideal environments for supporting … > mehr

Manipulating trust propensity to elucidate the person-to-object-trust-development process

PI: Erin MacDonald Abstract Person-to-product-trust has two sides: trust propensity (the person's willingness to … > mehr