Projekte 2011/12

Developing a Design Thinking Evaluation System

PI: Prof. Bernard Roth Abstract Building off the results from 2010-2011 we will use our new Understanding of how d.school … > mehr

Impact and Sustainability of Creative Capacity Building

PI: Prof. Allan Reiss Abstract Although there's been a crop of recent studies focused on where creativity originates in … > mehr

What is the Value of Prototyping? Empirical Studies of How Prototyping Practices Affect Learning, Motivation, and Outcome in Design

PI: Prof. Scott Klemmer Abstract While it sometimes seems like ideas arise out of thin air, creativity is necessarily the … > mehr

User-Centered Innovation for the Design and Development of Complex Products and Systems

PI: Prof. Riitta Katila Abstract The proposed study is a two-phase research effort aimed at examining user interaction … > mehr

Assessing Team Learning

PI: Prof. Shelley Goldman, Prof. Bernard Roth Abstract The goals of the Assessing Team Learning are to understand how … > mehr

The impact of cognitive style diversity on problem reframing and product redesign within design teams

PI: Prof. Mark Cutkosky Abstract In the words of Professor Larry J. Leifer, "All design is redesign." As … > mehr

analyzeD - A Virtual Design Observatory (HPI/CDR)

PI: Dr. Alexander Zeier / Prof. Larry Leifer Abstract With analyzed we are creating a design project analyzer … > mehr

Sharing knowledge through tangible IT engineering models

PI: Prof. Mathias Weske Abstract Insufficient user involvement is a major problem in IT engineering projects. One reason … > mehr

From Prototypes to Innovation

PI: Prof. Christoph Meinel Abstract For companies, the incorporation of Design Thinking as part of the innovation process … > mehr

Tele-Board: Remote collaboration in real world settings

PI: Prof. Christoph Meinel Abstract The goal of the Tele-Board project is to facilitate remote Design Thinking for … > mehr

Can Design Thinking Improve Programming?

PI: Prof. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract What would it mean for a programmer to work like a designer? While many problems … > mehr

Connecting Designing and Engineering Activities

PI: Prof. Holger Giese Abstract The different design thinking activities result in numerous analog as well as digital … > mehr