Projekte 2019/20

Software Design in an Exploratory Culture

PI: Professor Dr. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract Understanding unfolds only gradually. Because of that, software developers … > mehr

Design Thinking Scorecard

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Professor Ulrich Weinberg Abstract The impact of Design Thinking is widely discussed, yet … > mehr

Fostering Design Thinking Education

PI: Professor Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract After adapting and conducting several design thinking Massive Open Online … > mehr

Implementing and Evaluating InnoDev in practice

PI: Dr. Matthias Uflacker Abstract While research and practitioners agree that Design Thinking, Agile Development and … > mehr

Innovation Modelling Based on Human Needs

PI: Julia von Thienen Abstract Human needs are a cornerstone of design thinking. The ability to identify and address … > mehr

Connecting the dots – Planning, measuring and steering the impact of human-centered design and Design Thinking in organizations

PI: Professor Dr. Falk Uebernickel Abstract Over the last years, the role of design in organizations expanded from a … > mehr

Augmented Coaching with Performative Patterns

PI: Dr. Jonathan Antonio Edelman, Prof. Dr. Christoph Lippert Abstract What are the ways an enterprise sports coaching … > mehr

Making Design Thinking Accessible to Blind and Visually Impaired People

PI: Prof. Sean Follmer Abstract Design thinking leverages spatial and visual diagramming as a central component for both … > mehr

Measuring the Impact of Project-Based Design Engineering Courses on Entrepreneurial Interests and Intentions of Alumni

PI: Prof. Sheri Sheppard Abstract For over half a century, ME310: Project-Based Engineering Design Innovation & … > mehr

Examining the neural basis of applied creativity in entrepreneurs

PI: Dr. Manish Saggar Abstract Creativity and innovation lie at the heart of design thinking. Understanding how … > mehr

Artistic Vision: Providing Contextual Photography Guidance for Rapid In-Camera Iteration

PI: Prof. Dr. James A. Landay Abstract Designers have long known the benefits of iteration and rapid prototyping. Many … > mehr

Psychology of Design

PI: Dr. Larry Leifer Abstract Design Thinking has been related to team environments, which are inherently argumentative, … > mehr

Re-DNA: Re-designing nonverbal actions for design team collaborations

PI: Prof. Dr. Michael Shanks Abstract Ironically, platforms that remote design teams use to collaborate often beget … > mehr

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams Using Virtual Reality

PI: Prof. Dr. Jeremy Bailenson Abstract Virtual Reality technology holds the promise to become an arena for design … > mehr

Measuring the Transfer of Design Practice from Educational Environments to Applied Environments

PI: Dr. Daniel Schwartz Abstract This proposal outlines two studies that will develop a measure that assesses how well an … > mehr

Stylo Guide: Supporting Consistency in Design Teams

PI: Prof. Dr. Michael Bernstein, Camille Utterback Abstract As the design thinking process for an idea matures from … > mehr