Projekte 2018/19

Can Design Thinking Improve Programming? III

PI: Professor Dr. Robert Hirschfeld Abstract Software design projects are carried out by teams of experts from multiple … > mehr

Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams Using Immersive Virtual Reality

PI: Jeremy Bailenson, Prof. Dr. Larry Leifer Abstract Design teams operate in a large number of contexts spanning … > mehr

ProtoKinetic: A Multimodal Design Tool for Rapid and Real-Time Prototyping of Human-Robot Interactions

PI: Sean Follmer Abstract In the coming era of ubiquitous robotics we envision the need for the effortless design of … > mehr

Design Team Fracture

PI: Prof. Michael Bernstein, Melissa Valentine Abstract Design team collaborations often turn sour: the team starts out … > mehr

Examining the role of design reflection and associated brain dynamics in creativity

PI: Manish Saggar Abstract Design reflection has been shown of critical import for the development of design expertise. … > mehr

The Time Capsule: Transferring Design Knowledge Across Temporal Team-of-Teams

PI: Prof. Dr. Larry Leifer Abstract With the increasing global scope of modern engineering design, university-level … > mehr

From Design Thinking to Computational Thinking: An Early Stage Design Tool for Supporting Child Programmers’ Problem Definition and Ideation

PI: Prof. Dr. James Landay Abstract In recent years, there has been a global push to teach Computer Science to all … > mehr

Measuring The Transfer of Design Practice from Training Contexts to Applied Contexts

PI: Prof. Sheri Sheppard, Bernard Roth Abstract This proposal outlines two studies that will describe and measure how … > mehr

The Impact and Value Creation of Team Collaboration – Year 2

Team collaboration is an essential component of design thinking methodology for innovation. The primary aim for next year’s … > mehr

Research to Impact: Bridging the Research-Practice Gap and Putting Design Thinking Research to Work

PI: Jonathan Antonio Edelman Abstract Context: Design Thinking is undergoing a critical transformation. As Design … > mehr

Innovation at Work – How Space Interventions Change the Behavior of Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg Abstract Given the high relevance of innovation work places for companies … > mehr

Training Creative Collaboration - Taking a multiperspective view on creativity exercises to foster innovation

PI: Dr. Claudia Nicolai, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg Abstract In the upcoming research year we will translate our findings … > mehr

Implementing and Measuring the Impact of Design Thinking in Software Development Processes

PI: Dr. Matthias Uflacker Abstract While research and practitioners agree that Design Thinking, Agile Development and … > mehr

Remote Care with Tele-Board MED

PI: Professor Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract While people get ill everywhere, medical expertise is often concentrated … > mehr

Learner-Centered Frameworks for Digital Learning Experiences Design

PI: Professor Dr. Christoph Meinel Abstract After adapting and conducting two design thinking MOOCs, the research … > mehr