Tele-Board for Medicine

PI: Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel


Even a person who is commonly very autonomous may experience states of great helplessness if he or she falls ill severely. This loss of control a patient experiences is even worsened by classical patient- doctor-relationships in which (only) the doctors are considered authorities. We want to create new experiences of cooperation and teamwork for patients and doctors – which are inspired by Design Thinking (DT). Yet, no explicit DT training is envisaged. Rather, artefacts shall be used which capture and transport DT culture without many words.

In particular, Tele-Board shall be adapted such that it supports and even provokes patient-doctor-teamwork. Thus, we hope to advance a new patient-doctor relationship, based on a teamwork model, that is more satisfactory for both sides and that promotes health more effectively. How well this may be realized shall be tested experimentally.