Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams (Stanford)

PI: Prof. Mark R. Cutkosky


Our proposed research aims to provide design thinking managers, coaches and instructors a visual diagnostic tool for augmentation of design team performance through analysis of team interactions. In the earlier phase of this project, herein called phase 1, we built a software tool that uses the Interaction Dynamics Notation to visualize and diagnose team interaction patterns. In the next phase of the project herein called phase 2 we propose to study the use of the IDN Tool to improve design thinking performance. We will deploy IDN tool to analyze team interactions and provide feedback to student, professional and entrepreneurial design teams in San Francisco bay area, Potsdam, Germany, and Ahmedabad, India. The project will deliver: 1. A methodology for using the IDN Tool to give robust and relevant feedback to design teams.  2. Improvements to the IDN Tool as per the context of its use in design teams.