Visual Diagnostics for Design Thinking Teams

PI: Larry Leifer


Our proposed research aims to develop a diagnostic instrument to study design thinking teams and provide meaningful feedback to influence their performance. In the first 3 phases of the project, we have developed a software tool for measuring design team interaction, set up a methodology to collect and analyze data, and conducted studies to understand how the context of a team influences its interaction patterns. In phase 4 of the project, we aim to develop a methodology for giving feedback to design teams using the Interaction Dynamics Notation (IDN) Diagnostic Instrument. We propose conducting lab and in situ studies with design teams to develop a team interaction coaching methodology that will utilize the diagnostic instrument. These studies will deliver

1) a methodological framework for design coaches to use the IDN instrument,

2) a compendium of cases that demonstrates how design coaches can intervene in teams using the IDN instrument and

3) a master class on visual diagnostics for improving design team performance to be developed and taught jointly with HPI Potsdam Visual Diagnostics team.