Human-Centered Digital Innovation - Strategies, Routines and Metrics for managing human-centered digital innovation in Digital Innovation Units

PI: Professor Dr. Falk Uebernickel


In their attempt to enhance their ability to develop digita linnovations, many incumbent firms have set up digital innovation units as an exploratory organizational setup to develop digital innovations (Holotiuk and Beimborn 2018). Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these innovation activities are under pressure and need to show accountability for the resource investment made.Furthermore, research shows that knowledge about their performance is limited (Frey, Holotiuk, and Beimborn 2020). While the need for human-centered digital innovation is still unbowed, this proposal aims to develop management instruments that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of human-centered digitalinnovation efforts. This results in the following main research question:How can digital innovation units manage the development of human-centered digital innovations in the most efficient and effective way? As an outcome, we plan high-level publications, practitioner reports, and the development of severalartifacts that practitioners can use.


Danielly de Paula, Thomas Haskamp, Carolin Marx