Zeitstrom was founded in 2015 by the HPI alumni Alexander Schulze, Jonas Kemper and Lukas Schulze, the Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL) alumni Luisa Strachwitz and Josefine Niemand, the 3d graphic design expert Mario Rombach and the mechanical engineer Franziska Kern. The company is developing a combination of a RFID-based time-stamp clock together with an intuitive SaaS-platform to provide extremely simple time-tracking for small companies.

Time-tracking has always been relevant for companies to control working times, calculate wages, and planning human resources. With the introduction of the minimum salary, it became required by law for many industries in Germany. Especially small companies without an existing IT-infrastructure have suffered from the introduction. Zeitstrom enables those companies to use electronic time-tracking in their business at a low price and without a complex setup.

Zeitstrom started as a hobby project of seven students with a very diverse skills. After having a first prototype ready and a couple of systems in use, the team received a 50 000 Euro price by Hasso Plattner Ventures (HPV) in June 2015 as winning team of the HPI-HHL-Bootcamp. In the next couple of months, the team developed the device to a production-ready system with a simple online interface supporting small companies with their human resource planning. Due to the continuous support of the HPV team, Zeitstrom is tracking the working times of multiple thousands of employees every month (late 2016), having a growing customer base week over week.