HPI inside ... idealo

At a glance

Date: June 22, 2023

Time: 5 p.m.

Location:  Berlin-Mitte


On 22.6.2023, idealo invites you to get an insight into Europe's largest price comparison - right in the modern headquarter at the former Berlin Wall. Exchange ideas with experts from the Product & Technology department about our everyday challenges in agile product development and our unique approach to data culture, which enables us to deal with huge amounts of data, machine learning and AI. As an HPI alumnus, Markus Steiner, Agile Project Manager and Lead of the Product & Technology Project Office at idealo, will lead through the evening.

In 2000, idealo was launched with a mission to help idealo users make the best possible buying decision. Today, idealo is one of the most popular German e-commerce websites with around 76 million visits per month, around 50,000 shops and over 500 million offers. Internationally, idealo is also represented as a price comparison in six European countries.