Prof. Dr. Holger Giese

Gregor Berg

Dissertation by Gregor Berg on "Virtual prototypes for the model-based elicitation and validation of collaborative scenarios" (2014) (Link)

Research Interests

  • Requirements Engineering
    • Elicitation
    • Specification
    • Validation: Simulation & Animation
    • How to teach RE Skills
  • Design Thinking
    • ... for software systems
    • Prototyping



Supervised Master's Theses

  • Effiziente Simulation von virtuellen Prototypen (Stefan Kleff, 2011)
  • Gesteuerte und interaktive Simulation von virtuellen Prototypen (Stefan Richter, 2011)
  • Smarte Simulation von virtuellen Prototypen (Ralf Teusner, 2011)
  • Empowering stakeholders to Manipulate Formal Models Using Structured Natural Language Representations (Daniel Eichler, March 2012)
  • Eine Studie zur Nutzerzentrierung bei Innovation und Softwareentwurf (Christoph Mecklenburg, March 2012)

Bachelor Projects




  • Decoupled Model-Based Elicitation of Stakeholder Scenarios at the 7th International Conference on Software Engineering Advances in Lisbon, Portugal - November 2012


  • Exploration and Validation through Animation of Scenario Specifications at the Doctoral Symposium of the 19th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE'11) in Trento, Italy - August 2011.
  • Why Should I Help You to Teach Requirements Engineering? at the 6th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Education and Training in Trento, Italy - August 2011.


  • 6. DTRP Community Building Workshop, Stanford University, CA, USA, November 2010
  •  How Tangible can Virtual Prototypes be? at the 8th Design Thinking Research Symposium, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, October 2010 (Poster)
  • Deriving Behavior of Multi-User Processes From Interactive Requirements Validation, Research Tool Demonstration at the International Conference on Automated Software Engineering,  Antwerp, Belgium, September 2010 (PosterSlides)
  • 5. DTRP Community Building Workshop, Potsdam, 27.05.2010 (Video)
  • Using Ontologies for Flexibly Specifying Multi-User Processes at the Workshop on Flexible Modeling Tools at the ICSE 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, 02.05.2010 (Slides)