Open Campus

In addition to its university degree programs, Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) offers educational training for high school students as well as for those in the workforce. Whether via seminar, camp or free online course, users benefit in each case from HPI’s academic experience in IT Systems Engineering and Design Thinking.

Since 2012, Hasso Plattner Institute has operated its own interactive Internet learning platform. At openHPI.de, free, open- access online courses are offered by the Potsdam institute to everyone. There are no prerequisites. The special feature of this platform is its contextual focus on information technology and computer science. Participants are able to take a closer look at current topics in the world of IT, with courses offered in German and English.

The HPI also seeks to interest those even younger in the field of computer science and its study program that combines creativity with technology. The Youth Academy was founded to fulfill this aim. Its events showcase the diverse applications of computer science and its creative design possibilities provide inspiration for boys and girls about this fascinating field. High school students are introduced to technical issues in a fun way and at events can get information about majoring in “IT Systems Engineering” or studying computer science in general.

In addition, via the HPI Academy HPI offers working professionals the possibility to continuously qualify themselves and keep abreast of the current trends and developments in their sector.  A high-profile provider in the field of innovation and HPI-spinoff, the HPI Academy offers professionals training in Design Thinking. Together with the HPI School of Design Thinking, HPI Academy has shaped the development and dissemination of Design Thinking in Europe. It can look back on a large number of successful projects in the application of this working method.