Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Research Seminar (Summer Term 2017)


A series of talks on current research and interesting topics in algorithm engineering and theoretical computer science. Everyone is welcome to attend talks. 

If you want to give a talk about a topic in algorithm engineering or theoretical computer science, please write an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich or to Ralf Rothenberger.


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Talks (click on title to show abstract)

DateRoom SpeakerTitle
26.4. 10:15Hs 1Martin Krejca
26.4. 10:35Hs 1Ralf Rothenberger
3.5. 11:00A-1.2Maximilian Katzmann
11.5. 15:15H-E.52Andreas Göbel
19.6. 15:15A-1.1Thomas Bläsius
26.6. 15:15A-1.1Anna Melnichenko
6.7. 11:00A-1.1Markus Wagner
6.7. 16:00HS 1Toby Walsh
10.7. 15:15A-1.1Karen Seidel
13.7. 11:00A-1.1Philipp Fischbeck, Clemens Frahnow
13.7. 11:30A-1.1Ankit Chauhan
13.7. 12:00A-1.1Timo Kötzing
14.7. 11:00A-1.1Gregor Lagodzinski
21.7. 11:00A-1.1Pascal Lenzner
26.7. 11:00A-1.2Vijay Ganesh
24.8. 15:30A-1.1Francesco Quinzan
29.8. 15:30A-1.1Tobias Friedrich
29.8. 16:00A-1.1Ralf Rothenberger
5.9. 13:30A-1.1Cedric Freiberger, Felix Montenegro-Retana, Marianne Thieffry
7.9. 14:30A-2.1Anna Melnichenko
7.9. 15:00A-2.1Louise Molitor
11.9. 11:30A-1.1Jan Eube, Thomas Feldthkeller, Julius Severin, Fabian Sommer, Justin Trautmann
6.10. 16:30A-2.1Karen Seidel
6.10. 17:00A-2.1Martin Schirneck