Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl

Database Systems Seminar II (with TU Darmstadt)

The Database Systems Seminar II is the second iteration of the joint research seminar series with the Data Management Lab from TU Darmstadt (led by Prof. Carsten Binnig). Originally started in the Winter Semester 2020/21, in this semester we will continue to present our current research work and discuss novel ideas in the following areas:

  • Data Management on Modern Hardware
  • Stream processing
  • Interactive Data Exploration & ML
  • End-to-end machine learning
  • Natural language interfaces for databases
  • Benchmarking data processing systems
  • Trusted data management

During the seminar we also host invited talks by distinguished speakers from both academia and industry. On this page you can find the schedule, abstracts and the recorded presentations of the talks.


03.05.2021 TU Darmstadt - Author TBA Title TBA
17.05.2021 HPI - Author TBA Title TBA
07.06.2021 TU Darmstadt - Author TBA Title TBA
21.06.2021 HPI - Author TBA Title TBA
05.07.2021 Guest Lecture - Author TBA Title TBA